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After Sarah leaves with the baby to run errands, the cats surreptitiously skulk at the frightened Lady from within a picnic basket, looking at her as if she were a delicious meal, or a toy to play with and manipulate, their baleful expressions suffused with impish inquisitiveness.

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Si and Am move in perfect symmetry; they have no individuality; their innocent blue eyes bend into a sinister glare as they cave at the slant. They are jaundiced and sly; sick and feral; domesticated, though nevertheless propelled by their mischievous, impish nature to deceive and intimidate. The Farmer Mar Andersons Guard at Factory Gate Gillian Barber Factory Receptionist Carol Ann Susi Sophie's Sister Randi Kaplan Sophie's Sister Mary Bogue Sophie's Sister Alvin Sanders Mason Employee Mark Schooley Edit Storyline A secret war between cats and dogs quickly peaks as Professor Brody a scientist tries to create a serum to cure dog allergies in humans.

Plot Keywords: ticklish warner bros. Country: USA Australia. Language: English. Production Co: Warner Bros. Runtime: 87 min.

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Color: Color Technicolor. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Trey Parker were considered for the role of Mr. Goofs In the Pie Mom's house, Buddy runs upstairs following the cat and turns corner. We get a closeup of the dog's eyes first, followed by a wide shot of the hall; the cat is sitting at the end of the hall. In the very next close-up shot, the cat is up on all fours.

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The power cord of the table lamp also changes position between shots. Quotes Mr.

Huskies and Cats

Tinkles : Attention Attention human workers, this is your employer Mr Mason. Effective immediately, you are all fired. That's right, fired! Go home now. Do not ask why. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Unless of course you have a dog, then you can blame him. In fact, you know what, kick him when you get home! That is all. Tinkles : Cats rule! And now for the next phase of my plan. Tinkles to a pet hospital to be neutered, but the cats intercept her and Tinkles makes his escape. Soundtracks What's New Pussycat? Add the first question.

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IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Professor Brody. Scotty Brody. Sophie the Castle Maid. The canine post became one of the all-time most popular posts on this site according to the overall visitor count. TV, movies, childrens books, comic books, billboards, commercials, advertisements, video games, brand name mascots, products, toys, etc. A lot of those memories were embedded in our minds on those Saturday morning cartoons.

The following gallery captures the majority of those felines that really stood out over the years. Keep in mind that these not only cover house cats but also include the big kitty cats too…..

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Quite a few of these famous feline critters make us laugh with their quirky, irreverent, unique, carefree, styles which we never seem to tire of over the years. Hopefully your favorite is included below. Your suggestions will also be taken into consideration when possible. Filed under: animals , animated cats , animated kitties , Bored? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.