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Feature Titles Most Popular Newest. A A Field Guide to Household Technology Ed Sobey Illustrating how a fire alarm detects smoke and what the "plasma" is in a plasma screen television, this fascinating handbook explains how everyday household devices function and operate. More than Unscrewed Ed Sobey Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, this handy guide to household electronics gives the weekend workbench enthusiast a multitude of ideas on how to salvage valuable parts from old electronics and turn t Unless he's the boss, the sort of person who gets red-faced at the sight of an overcoat draped across a chair or a half-eaten prune danish sitting on a desk.

But you don't dare. Instead, you stash the danish in a drawer and lick your fingers. Some offices have a surrogate mother or father. This is a person -- usually older, probably a woman, someone whose children are grown -- who wants to parent the young people on hand.

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She, or he, gets overly wrapped up in these colleagues' personal lives, believing herself to be kind and helpful. In fact, recipients of this wisdom see her as a noodge. Then again, many young people in offices could use an on-site parent, even an occasional slap on the wrist. These are the aggressively ambitious types who show up almost straight out of college with an inflated sense of self-worth and a conviction that patience and paying one's dues are as quaintly outmoded as a buggy whip.

Or maybe they are unreconstructed computer types, who spend so much of their young lives sitting in front of a screen that they are not fully socialized. These people practically eat with their feet and have no business being out in public.

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Is there an office that does not have its workaholic or, conversely, its slouch? Now and then, you find a slouch masquerading as a workaholic. In the old days, he might have had a Green Arrow comic book tucked inside the ledger that he seemed to be reading. Now he wears a telephone headset and fiddles with his computer. He looks to be hard at work. Actually, he's playing electronic solitaire or checking out a pornographic Web site. Computers themselves have given rise to the compulsive e-mailer, who cannot be bothered to walk over to a colleague sitting 12 feet away.

No, he must say his piece electronically. Besides the loss of human contact admittedly, a blessing sometimes , it can be hard to tell what the e-mailer is saying: read my screen is no substitute for read my lips.

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  5. There is the office fidget. Nowadays, DVI has itself been replaced by modern display cable types. Today, it is most commonly used to attach a monitor to another device. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable is the modern standard for digital signals, with five different types of HDMI connections existing today.

    They are quite easy to distinguish from other cables, as they have a very particular appearance.

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    Our technicians are cable management experts, so they can come in and organize your infrastructure to keep it organized and operational. To learn more, reach out to us at My Account My Subscriptions Support.

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