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Rosie looked sidelong at her. You got all the brains. The two meandered along the trails which crisscrossed through the woods.

My Possessive Alpha Mate(s) -- Wattpad

Most were little more than animal tracks, but well familiar to them from nighttime runs. Talking and laughing, Rosie and Jordan allowed their feet to carry where they willed, paying little attention to where exactly they were headed. Until the trees suddenly fell away around a small, sunny clearing just before them. The grass was tall and spotted with wildflowers and, on the far side, a large flat stone rested carefully.

Rosie and Jordan stopped and fell silent, staring at the stone. After a moment, Jordan spoke up quietly. Do you think we should send him a picture?

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She made sure not to stand directly in front of the marker, instead positioning herself respectfully a bit to the side. Jordan still caught herself sometimes looking for Marc or going to ask Tam a question. She sniffed. Rosie swung away on her heels and started back across the clearing. After a moment, Jordan followed.

Rosie hooked her thumbs into the back pockets of her shorts. She looked over at Jordan as they left the gravesite behind. They were always pretty quiet about it. I know there was a different alpha originally. I mean, when you guys were younger. Barry or something? The twins and their parents and Tam were the only original members of the pack left, Rosie knew that much. Skovgaard joked that he had turned the pack life over to the younger generation. Keep reading. There were definitely other werewolves in the area. Morgan could smell them, a whole pack it looked like.

He knew he would have to be cautious. Of course, the smarter option would be to leave the city and move onto somewhere else. Besides he needed food, rest, a job to hopefully get some money. Trash food versus perhaps a rabbit or possum. It was a little better. Finding a container with a couple of fries still at the bottom, Morgan slithered to the ground behind the dumpster. He forced himself to eat slowly rather than inhaling them. While he sucked the remnants of salt off a limp fry, he pondered on the werewolf pack.

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The proper thing to do was to find the pack and ask the alpha permission to stay. If he was lucky, they might even give him food and shelter. It took longer than it should have to convince Tyler to stay. The guy literally had nowhere else to go and he was pretty damn injured. On top of it, there was a literal giant fucking Mexican dinosaur lizard rat thing roaming the streets.

Finding the Power Within (Seaside Wolf Pack, #3) by C.C. Masters

Book 2 of the "Werewolves of Seaside" series. Claire is surprised when she sees her vanished werewolf boyfriend back in town with a hot blond girl on his arm.

Immediately, Claire is slammed into the middle of a new werewolf adventure. An alpha werewolf has followed Jimbo to town and plans a new world order run by werewolves. Claire finds herself back in and out of a relationship with her old boyfriend that's complicated by lovely blond twins and a little dog. She must pull together the local werewolf community to stop the alpha from turning Seaside into a meat locker under werewolf domination. Purr For The Alpha. Georgette St. Lynx On The Loose. Blue Moon Shifters: Hard to Bear. Improper Proposal. Cathryn Fox. Sophie Jordan. Jason Gurley.

Hold Me Down. Shari Slade. The Goon. Sara Hubbard. Alexia Purdy. The Necromancer's House. Christopher Buehlman. Bridget Foley.

The Leopard Who Claimed A Wolf

Boogeyman's Dream. Glenna Maynard. Tara Elizabeth. Supernatural Summer. Skye Genaro. Livia Llewellyn.

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