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Chicken Pakora

They were mainly involved in textile companies, oil mills, and cotton and chemical plants.

Occasionally dabbling into clothing. Most Memons at the time and even today, are involved with the textile trade. Currently, some Memons living in Myanmar, who trace their ancestral roots back to Pakistan and India are related to those soldiers who were deployed in Burma during World War II. These historical events have led to a thriving population of Myanmarese people with Memon origins. If the Memons tried the dish in Myanmar, how did it make its way back into South Asia?

There are a number of possibilities. At the time, many Memons would set up trade in the state and return back to their homeland once done or to visit for a short duration. Notably, the migration was not a one-way flow. Hundreds of Myanmarese have come into Pakistan as well.

I often tried the food that their parents prepared, I even had Khao Suey. The Myanmarese community based in Karachi mostly practice Islam, speak fluent Urdu and even participate in local politics and national sports, like cricket. Some Myanmarese Muslims, like the Rohingya had to leave the country due to persecution against the religious group that started in the s. The way that the Memons adapted to eating and changed Khao Suey according to their likings, tells their story.

A light soupy meal, fit for having at any time of the day is what Thiha Kyaw, manager at Innlay Asia, one of the very few Myanmarese restaurants in the UAE, likes to describe it as. First, a slow-cooked chicken broth is prepared as the base of the soup. Next, chilli paste and chilli oil are added for flavour and colour.

Chilli Chicken Cigars

Once thickened, the liquid is poured over a bed of egg noodles and garnished with crispy noodles, fresh onions, chilli powder and lemon juice. They mostly come for our Khao Suey. The Indian and Pakistani customers Kyaw interacts with, have told him about the type of Khao Suey that they eat back home. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Friday, October 11, Asia Pakistan. India Pakistan Philippines. All Sections.

Memoni style Khausa from Memon Dardar restaurant. Memons and Myanmarese living in the UAE share their thoughts on the dish. Memoni style Khausa made at Memon Darbar restaurant. It requires too much time to prepare so if one presents it to guests, they are very honoured. The community went on to having extensive trading ties that have had an effect till this day. But what really is the authentic version of the Myanmarese delicacy?

Myanmarese style Khao Suey from Innlay Asia restaurant.

The Food Timeline: history notes--Asian-American cuisine

Image Credit: Falah Gulzar. Myanmarese style Khao Suey made at Innlay Asia restaurant. The Morning and Evening Brief. A daily brief with the biggest stories of the day. So till the week ends and a new one begins, have a party! Skip to content June 6, November 16, Leave a comment. The surprising rains have surely brought a drop in the temperature and relief. We were waiting for it to arrive by the 10th of June but the sudden downpour is definitely amazing!

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And before I give you all my schedule for today…. Then, on Sunday, my family and I decided to make it as lazy as it could possibly be and spent all our time at home. Had some quality time relaxing at home with Alyona and kids and had Laksa for lunch. Then dozed off…these overseas trips surely makes one a little sleep deprived! By the time I got over from there, it was time for me to rush for the FoodFood Maha Challenge event which was scheduled around 1.

The World of Parsi Cooking: Interview with Niloufer Mavalvala

And on my way back to the airport, have plans to check my upcoming TYC restaurant at Jessore Road, which is near the airport. Corn Pakora. Masala Chai. Bhuna Bhutta. May 9, November 16, Leave a comment. Even though it is a hectic week, I am determined to travel the way I enjoy best! By rail — in Shatabdi as I write this, on my way to Surat and enjoying the peace! Too much of air travel does get tiring but a train journey still has that bit of excitement attached for me!

Delhi and Noida events on May 6 — done — with a great turn out. Again a sea of very enthusiastic food lovers who enjoyed the demos thoroughly. Sunday was at home — time to put the feet up. From today something monumental is starting in my kitchens: trials for the The Yellow Chilli Cookbook that has long been on the anvil! My team of dedicated chefs is preparing the recipes for the home cook with the authentic TYC flavour! I think it is going to be an excellent collection of recipes. Be there 2 pm onwards and catch the buzz! I do hope to see a lot of avid cooks there! Registrations are going to happen on the spot.

Before I log off for the moment, let me share some recipes. These are especially for the vacationing kids who want yummy snacks, a different one, everyday! Vegetable Bhakarwadi. Pyaaz Tamatar ka Bun. Lemon Garlic Chicken Burger. May 13, November 16, Leave a comment. May 10, November 16, Leave a comment. Sanjeev Kapoor. February 9, February 12, 1 Comment.

Came back from Delhi on Sunday. That city too is getting hotter and winter seems long gone. By the time I reached home it was nearly five. Anyway, caught up with my pending mails and as my elder daughter Rachita is preparing for her 10th std board exams, I made her a special chicken dish for dinner.

Spiral Fries - Chilli Try Fry - Street Food - Karachi

In fact, I would rather give children who are doing a lot of studying for the coming month more of proteins, vegetables and fruits than carbohydrates read, paranthe, fried bread based snacks etc. Protein keeps them alert and too many carbs and sugar can take them into an energy slump.


Alyona is also careful about some daily physical activity for Rachita like a walk together or some little work out in our home gym. Also as the craving for roadside foods always seems existent, it is best to dish up hygienic stuff at home when the demand comes! I will give some recipes here to start with as also a whole lot on my website. What should the children eat during the actual examination days is a different menu! Ahmedabad TYC is slowly progressing towards a March opening. Why should I be mentioning this?

Well, cooking for the discerning Gujarati is actually a dilemma!

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  8. They love food like no other but they are also fine critics! But the fact that they love trying out new things makes menu planning very exciting. So here we go with some kid friendly recipes that can cause a ripple of excitement when your child is studying — Garden Vegetable and Almond Soup , Akhrot Murgh , Chocolate Coffee.