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Rooted in the local or national context, in terms of e. Practice tested.

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Building upon the adaptation of practices or activities previously established in the higher education institution, e. Yet, in many cases containing innovative elements specifically developed for refugee students and researchers.

Set up in a sustainable fashion, in terms of funding models and long-term planning. Having the potential to be replicated and broadened in scale.

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Developed or implemented with other institutions, local or regional actors, such as NGOs, municipalities, reception centres, etc. Involving the hosted refugee population in the development and implementation of the initiative. Strategic and linked to the university mission. Linked to, or being underpinned by the university mission, its strategic goals and its understanding of the institution as a societal actor.

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Developed as part of an overarching strategy for higher education inclusion, specifically for refugees, or generally for disadvantaged groups, considering a wide range of aspects from outreach and recruitment, to services and learning and teaching practices for retention and study success. Potential to be up-scaled or transferred to other higher education institutions or organisations linked to tertiary education, in terms of cost of implementation, national policy contexts, institutional realities and different groups of disadvantaged learners.

Access to higher education. Financial support for refugee students.

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Language and bridging courses. Integration measures. Employment opportunities for refugee researchers and academic staff.

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