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As the seasons change he is used as many things from a sword, a bat and even an arm for a snowman. After that he ends up in a fireplace just as a certain jolly old guy gets stuck in the chimney. The Littlest Elf by Brandi Dougherty is a sweet book about the youngest member of a family of elves at the north pole. He is ready to choose what area of the north pole he will work in and tries out all the jobs his family does from the book shop, to the bakery, and toy shop but nothing is a good fit. Finally he finds his own talent and with the help of the littlest reindeer he catches the eye of Santa too.

Both my kids really enjoyed this book as preschoolers. Great message about everyone having their own talents. This book is a great vehicle for talking about being patient, and the little geese will enchant you! I loved this book. I loved the fun cartoon-like illustrations that matched well with each bit of text. I loved learning more about how a culture different from my own celebrates Christmas and know that for many of you this will be a fun reflection of your own traditions.

Not only can your kids learn a few new Spanish words but getting a peak into traditions other than their own is a wonderful eye opening experience. Lovely lovely book! Only a Star by Margery Facklam is a calm beautiful book about the first Christmas. A little girl asks her dad about the decorations on that very first Christmas day and readers are reminded that the true origin of the holiday.

The illustrations by Nancy Carpenter are stunning, they vary in perspective and unlike so many manger scenes, this one looks like a mom and a baby. They gave me chills coupled with the simple but profound text. A great holiday read. Oh, What a Christmas! Luckily a rag tag group of farm animals step in and save the day. I like how this book can also open a dialog about how even special days can have unexpected bumps and you make do with what you have , just like Santa in this story. The illustrations of the Rat King is a little frightening but nothing that will prevent you from reading it.

Happy Christmas, Gemma by Sarah Hayes is a hidden gem. The book is narrated by a preschooler, the older brother to little baby Gemma. What makes this a gem in my mind is that no one ever corrects her, these are all age appropriate behaviors and the family is loving and accepting. Perfect for families like mine who are expecting a baby, or those with older siblings who like to boss their younger ones around and may need a reminder that babies are still learning, just like they are!

He is very sad about his inability until that night he finds himself in the manger with Baby Jesus and finds his voice. This is a great book for a Christan family or to read at Sunday school. Grace at Christmas by Mary Hoffman is a lovely story about a little girl who lives with the mom and Nana who open up their home to friends of friends over Christmas. I like this book for a bunch of reasons.

I try hard to get books with all sorts of families and in this one Grace lives with her mom and Nana while her dad lives in Africa. I read this with my 8 year old and we talked about all different kinds of families, divorce, and how he would feel about spending Christmas without his dad.

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The story is about the hardships and love of one family torn apart by the First World War as they prepare for Christmas with no resources. I love how strong the mother is. She does the best he can with what she has, treks through snow to cut that big old Christmas tree down , and the part that made me cry uses her own wedding dress to make her daughter an angel costume for the Christmas pageant. Also this book and the one previous were illustrated by Barbara Cooney , who captures such meaningful stories with her amazing work.

The book is much older than that though and takes readers through the classic Christmas symbols like angels, and giving and ornaments with a rhyming blurb for each. Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas! Counting Christmas by Karen Katz is what you might expect from this awesome author. I like the sentiment that Christmas is a magical day to share with family. My daughter adores the illustrations of all the babies, and the math element is a great bonus too. In this story a little boy writes to Santa and asks for a very specific gift, a real live penguin! He is very responsible though and sacrifices a lot for Osbert.

He is thankful to Santa for getting his gift exactly right but writes a follow up letter explaining how it would be ok if Santa sent a replacement. The story was all about pirate gingerbread men who come to life on Christmas Eve and faced Santa even though most of them were left for him to eat. There is adventure, there is humor and a whole lot of Christmas magic.

What made this book for me were the illustrations by Matt Tavares. I loved that they were from the perspective of the gingerbread pirates.

Love this book. How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky is a fun and surprisingly practical story about Santa and how he developed the skills needed for his one of a kind job. My son loved it, especially once the elves showed up, which was when the toys did too! The elf is sure that he can invent a machine that can be more efficient than Jolly old St. Nick or can he? Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by Eric Litwin was a big hit at our house with both my toddler and kindergartener.

I like how in all the books Pete teaches simple lessons in resilience by example. Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story by Sally Lloyd-Jones is a peaceful book about how all the animals all over the earth passed along the news that Jesus was coming. Every page depicts a different habitat with different animals all chattering in anticipation. Young children will love the pictures of the animals and the beautiful illustrations of the Holy Family.

The details are few but the overall ambiance of the book really helps make the point that this birth was ever changing and brought a peace with it. Lovely book. The dedication to his grandchild is perhaps my favorite part even though the book itself is wonderful too! The little acorn drum that this little mouse beats is anything but insignificant and he is thrust into the spotlight as Baby Jesus likes his music best of all!

The illustrations are amazing, they have so much detail I find myself opening this book over and over to just look. Great book, the test is lengthy for toddlers but preschoolers and older will love it. Ho, Ho, Ho, Tucker! While getting into the holiday spirit he burns his nose on a cookie pan. When Santa sees his bright red nose he asks him to come a long for the fun on Christmas Eve. There is a lot of good natured humor that any young child will giggle at , Tucker peeing on a Christmas tree got some good giggles at our house.

I doubt this will be a Christmas classic to read on Christmas Eve but it a cute book your kids will enjoy. What Is Christmas? While there is a little discussion about Santa, this book really downplays it, so I still thought it best for this list. Santa duck is the duck liaison to Santa and he goes around to find out what all the other ducks want for Christmas.

His younger siblings want in on the action too and start telling ducks that they can get them bigger and better gifts in an effort to out Santa Santa Duck. Santa Duck explains that bigger and better gifts is not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about giving and sharing with your family. My son who is 6 and I both laughed at the smart alec ducks and while rude and annoying in many ways they were right when they said Santa Duck was hogging all the fun by being the only duck allowed to dress as Santa and be his helper.

Cute book! This was one of the few we found yesterday , and what a find! I was so excited to share this poem with my son, but was not as excited to share some of the illustrations with him. Some of them freaked me out. The first picture of Santa coming out of the chimney was creepy! The illustrations are mostly done from funky perspectives and are beautiful but not the polished happy mall Santa that you may be expecting. You might recognize this Golden Book as well. I loved the ornate illustrations and how jolly this Santa really is. Now I have heard complaints in the past about how Santa is smoking a pipe.

I will be reading this Christmas Eve to my two little ones for certain!

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Merry Christmas, Mouse! Most of the praise should really be on Felicia Bond, the illustrator because the pictures take the cake on this one.

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After reading it my son and I found four bells, and three trains on our own tree. I reviewed this a few years ago when my son was too little to really get the book or to sit long enough for me to finish but we re read it last night. He thought it was hilarious and by the time he was 5 he had fun repeating some of the great melodic text as we read it.

The story is one kids and parents can relate to about trying so hard to make the holidays perfect that you forget something important like the tree! Santa Kid by James Patterson is a favorite library book in our house this year. My son inherited his love and curiosity of the inner workings of the North Pole from me and this book feeds that wonder. It also taps into something preschoolers are often seeking, power and a voice that gets heard. I liked this book, and my son did too. Dragon might be big and bulky, but under the rough exterior, he is adorable and sweet to the core.

She helped me read the words and felt like a big kid.

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Not only did she get the message that Christmas is about giving not getting, but she also got the message that she can read simple words. Welcome Comfort by Patricia Polacco is a touching book that I think every family should read.

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The story is about a little boy Welcome Comfort who is picked on at school, has been in the foster system forever and has no family of his own. His school custodian becomes a refuge and helps him believe in Santa for the first time. I love this book because it really lets parents dive into the truth of how not all children wake up to a beautiful tree with way too many toys under it. Auntie Claus by Elise Primavera is odd book. Her niece stows away in the magic elevator and goes undercover as an elf when she ends up at the north pole.

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I was so hoping that I would like this because I love strong female characters but the story just never really went anywhere. I still want to know what Auntie Claus does at the north pole!

This was a miss for us. Little Tree by Chris Racshka is another awesome find. The story inspired by the E. Cummings poem by the same name the story follows a little tree who has big dreams of becoming a Christmas tree. I think this book is great especially for children who want to know where the trees in the lots in a city come from. I love how this book turns everything topsy-turvy and makes kids think what really makes Christmas special. My little guy is too young at just 3 to get that but he sure thought it was funny! Very cute book! Instead, readers first see children in winter scenes before seeing Joseph and Mary traveling to Bethlehem in a dessert climate.

No one pays much notice to these two until after the baby is born and even then the group is small and simply portrayed. In this one, the group of little friends are decorating a Christmas tree, and readers count along as they add their items to the tree all with a rhyming text. We love counting the ornaments over and over and playing little math games while reading. Being a kid is hard. Being a kid waiting for Christmas to come is even harder and David Shannon remembers what it was like. David because they worried it would spark naughty ideas but that is not what these books do.

Young kids have a very natural sense of what is right and wrong and they are laughing because they know what he is doing is wrong and even David knows that he has messed up, as he fears Santa will leave him nothing but coal. Of course we all know that David is not a bad kid Are there bad kids?

Both my kids loved this book and I loved the underlying message to parents that being a kid is tough especially when parents are busy. Santasaurus by Niamh Sharkey is my new favorite Christmas book. Ollie, Molly, and Milo are dino siblings who are getting prepared for Christmas by making decorations, eating treats and writing letters to Santasaurus. The illustrations are bright, fun and add to the magical feeling of this book.

Who Is Coming to Our House? Illustrator Ashley Wolff does a perfect job with this simple but fantastic book! I grabbed it at Costco because my son is all about Lego, but I have read it over and over to my kids because it is a great telling of the Christmas story. Santa delivers the bad news but encourages the little elf to keep at it, and they will use the toy next year.

Right after she is done Santa comes back, a new baby was born, and he needs that teddy bear! I loved the message, and my son did too. This post contains affiliate links. Children will love counting all the crocodiles in this silly rhyming story! Children always love counting all the foods the very hungry caterpillar eats his way through during the story! So much fun!

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Instead of letters, this time numbers are climbing up the tree! Not only does it provide many opportunities for counting practice, but it also inspires creativity. What can you make with ten black dots? One Duck Stuck : Kids always love the fun animal sounds in this book, along with the rhyme and repetitive text. Ten Apples Up on Top : This book is a fun one! The kids can sing along and count along as you meet all kinds of animals and their babies! He tries everything to fall asleep, including counting all kinds of things.