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Add a sense of comfort to your night with this green tea memory foam mattress. With a medium firmness, the layered foam produces an optimal level of pressure point relief and support that cannot be achieved by any tradit …. Case in point: the Demarlos nightstand. I used to not be very discriminating about my colors. I would try anything that worked but then I went through this phase where I was trying to discipline myself and work with low chroma colors on a limited palette and that was really good for me.

This is Blue Ridge Yellow Ocher. Just good for everything. Of all the yellow ochers Natural Pigments has this is my favorite both for the texture and for the tinting strength. This is Orange Ocher.

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This is one of my favorite colors. I can actually get a color very similar to it by mixing yellow ocher and burnt sienna or hematite or whatever but I just love how it comes straight out of tube and it ends up being almost the perfect color for the red hair of some of my red-headed models. What I do is I just squeeze a bit of paint onto a paper towel and clean up this mess while I am add it, otherwise it just winds up on my hands at a later date. After about a minute or so you can just take it off. This one is also separating quite a bit.

The next color is Orange Molybdate , a really high chroma orange-red. This is Hematite. I still really love French Burnt Sienna but this is the tube I have out so I tend to use it these days. I might switch back. The textures are a bit different; French Burnt Sienna is rather gritty and interesting. Hematite is kind of gelatinous and blobby.

Purple Katherine Color Palette

This is Madder Lake. Editor: Yes, we reintroduced Madder Lake this past year. This is a really old tube. This one is called Cyprus Burnt Umber Warm. I love this color. I like to keep my shadows a bit thinner and this is just a little bit too pasty and thick for me to easily drag it thinly into shadows. What I do is I do the Oleogel trick again. I just find it so easy to use Oleogel and I just mix a teensy bit of it in there and it just spreads the paint right out. Now it flows so much better. I can spread that thinly in shadow areas now. I do the exact same thing with the next color, which is Cyprus Umber Dark.

Next up is Ultramarine Blue Red Shade. This is an important color for me. I use it a ton. I like to keep it here nestled between the umbers and the black because I use it intermixed with my umbers a lot. Next up, I am not going to put it out today because I am not going to use it my painting, but it is a really interesting color. It is called Roman Black and it is a black that is noticeably lighter in value than other blacks when you put it on the palette. Actually, I will put it out so you can see that.

See a Problem?

What I like to use it for is flesh. For a while I did not use black for flesh. The problem with using black for flesh is that it is too cool. It is too cool for school. I used to mix up a neutral tint for my flesh taking black and burnt umber. But with this black I can use it straight out of the tube, so I do not have to premix my black with a brown to warm it up.

Purple Katherine Color Palette - Color Name Finder

This is actually a great neutralizer for flesh tones, so anywhere the flesh gets less intense in color, less saturated and gets more neutral, I get my students to use this to add to flesh. This is the simplest way to get a student to lower the chroma on flesh.

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We are not using compliments. We are not being elaborate or complicated on how we are mixing colors. I hope you can see in this film that this is lighter in value than this Bone Black. It is just kind of interesting. Now the final color here is Bone Black.