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And while the lack of name recognition among the directors robs the film of one marketing angle, it does make this a valuable showcase for anyone looking for promising new voices in the region. The visions of the future strike a balance between universal concerns and issues which are specific to Japan.

Technology takes a centre role in both of the second two pictures.

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The first, Mischievous Alliance by Kinoshita Yusuke, unfolds in an education system in which all children are fitted with personal cameras and earpieces into which instructions are broadcast. Kids who rebel or attempt to bunk off are punished with an ear-shredding blast of music.

Ten Years Japan

Despite the totalitarian approach to education, three children manage to rescue and release a horse which is due to be put down. In the Japan of the future, the film posits, the online legacies of the dead are owned and packaged by the government. A girl manages to get access to the cache of information left by the mother she never really knew, and begins to suspect that her lost parent had a secret. Of the five films, this is the one which feels complex enough to be further developed, perhaps into a feature screenplay.

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And finally, For Our Beautiful Country by Ishikawa Kei takes place in a time in which the military draft has been reinstated. Anyone who has ever spent time around Ghosn knows that this multi-millionaire man of privilege is probably not doing well having spent three weeks now in a Japanese detention house. The private jets, unlimited travel and entertainment budget, the regular three-figure bottles of wine, the nothing-but-top-luxury hotels…all done.

Today, he will get three meals consisting of rice, vegetables and a bit of protein, and then returned to his cell where he has access to some books, paper and writing instruments. He is not allowed to shower when he wants, nor are showers available every day to inmates. And the travails of the man once so revered in business circles for doing a job most CEOs would find impossible are far from over.

Ghosn today was formally indicted for understating his salary at Nissan over five years until March , and also was re-arrested on charges covering three fiscal years through March Here the boundaries of the human are pushed and expanded, as Maika Sugisaki Hana tries to get to know her dead mother by accessing the data cloud she has left behind.

'Ten Years Japan': Chilling and sharp, these five shorts are a must-see for fans of 'Black Mirror'

The opening radio broadcast evokes the triple disaster of March , when a nuclear reactor meltdown caused mass evacuation in the Tohoku region of Northern Japan. The young protagonist imagines a world of fantastical nature, provided by magical CGI, but her everyday environment is bleak.

When a friend infatuated with the world above ground disappears, the protagonist imagines going above ground to search for her. Like Tsuno, Fujiwara uses a handheld camera to create a sense of intimacy with her characters. Its placement as the fourth of five short films creates a pleasing sense of respite from the more challenging concepts and plots of the other contributions, yet in many ways this self-contained piece gives a closed-off impression that the other films resist.

Japan Cuts: Ten Years Japan

While the first four short films maintain a critical dialogue with policies set by an unseen governmental force, the final film takes aim squarely at the government and ideologies of Prime Minister Abe from the very beginning. Watanabe Taiga is a young advertising executive sent to tell an elderly designer that her work on a poster for the draft has been rejected.

Sure enough, in the next scene Watanabe supervises the pasting up of the replacement pro-draft poster. As he asks after the youngest member of the work team, now missing, we realise that the draft has already claimed this character.

Quietly Critical: Ten Years Japan | Frames Cinema Journal

Considering the Ten Years project itself however, it is debatable whether it could have been achieved, particularly at such speed and with limited resources, without our current degree of technologised interconnection. For example, the influence of streamed cinema content on the five Japanese contributions has been noted. The popularity of the original anthology film has been tracked through its downloads from iTunes, as the film briefly became the most-downloaded item in Hong Kong Fang , and the franchising of the project may have benefited from these early results.