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This mental component if not present renders the spike to a normal metal spike and simply harms the victim.

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When present it controls what is stolen when used in conjunction to the correct binding point. Awakening is almost as much mental as spoken. If the visualizing of the command is not firm then the Awakened object can behave in a unknown manner or not at all. The more complex the command the more important that mental component is.

In Surgebinding, the mental component has varying degrees of necessity depending on the Surge used. Lightweaving requires an extremely clear image in a user's mind to create an illusion with the appropriate appearance, but with Surges like Gravitation the user does not have to have any idea of what they are doing; the Surge will do the same thing regardless. Some Surges do require simply that the user wish it to happen. Often with Surgebinding this can be accomplished by instinctively pushing Stormlight into something. Bonds are connections between entities in the Cosmere that exist outside the Physical Realm.

All bonds are basically the same, with the powers and functions depending on the holders of the bond. Bonds are typically formed between entities with greater-than-normal Investiture i. Spren and other entities, allowing them to gain enhancements. It is unknown if a person with only innate Investiture is able to create a Bond.

Spren : Entities of the Cognitive Realm. Seons : Intelligent entities with connections to AonDor. Aviar : Birds infected with symbiotic worms native to the Pantheon. The Nahel Bond gives a human access to the system of magic known as Surgebinding , while granting the spren the ability to maintain their cognition in the Physical Realm. There are ten known forms the Nahel Bond can take, each giving access to two different Surges.

See Surgebinding and Nahel Bond for more information. Listener Bond : The Listeners Parshendi can bond with a spren. Doing so grants the Listener a Form a specific physical and mental change. Not all spren grant a unique Form; most spren give the listeners Dullform. Without a spren, Listeners exist in what is known as Slaveform Parshmen.

Listeners in Slaveform have very little mental capacity and are extremely docile. Dullform gives more free will and a small increase in mental capacity. Slaveform and Dullform are physically similar. Listeners can become Surgebinders , but Forms of power exist that grant them abnormal abilities.

The Seon Way for a Purposeful Life

See Listener for more information on the various Forms. Shardblade : Shardblades are able to bond with people through the use of charged gemstones. The gem is placed in the hilt of the Blade and after a week of constant contact, the Blade is bonded and can be dismissed from and recalled to the Physical Realm. Once bonded the blade can be dismissed and recalled by syncing with the user's heart to the blade. Ten heartbeats are required. A person's iris will lighten during the bonding process. Surgebinding is not granted by this bond.

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Void Bonds : Nothing is known at this time about Voidbinding. Lesser Spren Bonds : Non-intelligent spren are able to form bonds with humans. Other Spren Bonds : Certain spren bond with animals native to Roshar, enhancing those animals and granting them abilities. Animals that are confirmed to have these bonds are chasmfiends, chulls, and skyeels. Honorblades : Honorblades grant surgebinding abilites to humans who touch them, but this requires dangerous levels of stormlight. Seons : A seon can create bonds with humans and Elantrians.

Little is known of this bond other than that the seon follows and helps the person it is bonded to, functioning as a servant to the owner of the bond. This bond does not give the seon an innate ability to find the human to whom it is bonded. Seons will automatically seek out a new person to bond with following the death of its master; often the new master has been prearranged. During the time of the Reod , while the Shaod was unable to finish transforming a human into an Elantrian , any seon bonded to a Elantrian lost its mind and would float around the city, often near their master.

Aviar : Aviars create a bond with a person and grant a specific power based of the type of Aviar bonded. There are just little touches, like the beer sign in the garage, and Michael having that hand-shaped chair. We talked about this idea that Michael buys a lot of things that he sees late at night on TV, so he has a Bowflex and he has a Soloflex. He has an Ab Roller. He never uses any of them, but his garage is filled with that stuff. That was written in the script. The whole candle business was just so funny to us. He is such a brilliant director, and one of the things he knows how to do is get the best out of everybody.

Michael was jealous of his youth and good looks from the second he laid eyes on him. Everyone but Michael, that is. The lyrics for the song were written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, but for the music and voice they turned to New Pornographers guitarist Todd Fancey.

He wrote it clearly about Jan and how she made him a man, and it was a terrible song. He likes the song. He has no clue. Basically, we wanted it to sound good. We had some relationships with some musicians, and some other people on the show did, and we sent out the lyrics to a bunch of different people.

People we had actually heard of and bands we had heard of took the time to record it, kind of on spec, I think? There were some metal versions. I was living in Vancouver. I just went downstairs to my other apartment — I had two at the time — and boom. It came really quick. I wrote it on acoustic guitar.

I went into a studio in suburban Vancouver and recorded it. We ended up going with that one. I had almost completely forgotten about the song. I got a call on my cell from a production assistant on the show. And we need it to be Tuesday. How am I going to do this? This new one is too polished. For the first time anywhere, you can hear it right here. As soon as you walk into that set, you knew why it was funny and how it was going to keep getting funnier. I mean, we were excited every time we filmed in the parking lot. So the fact that we actually went on location was superduper-exciting.

It was like the kids got to go to Disneyland. You just wind up socializing a bit more, and those group scenes are the same way. They were fun bonding experiences, in a way. It was perfect for the episode, it really was.

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I kind of used that a lot and used the heat. It was just scalding hot, I remember. I mean, the place was air-conditioned, but it was hot outside. It was just scorching. So that just adds an extra layer of insulation. You can have air-conditioning hoses running in, but, you know, we do long takes. So it was a little bit of an ordeal in that way. I remember the camera operators getting jammed in the tight halls. It was a very small living room, and we were all sort of wedged in on the sofa together and more people kept arriving.

It was definitely a great foundation for this awkward comedy setting. You know? This very awkward dinner party in this very small space.

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We just shoved a camera in there that we could barely fit in the room. I was, like, up on the sink and the cameraman was sitting back on this tiny countertop. Also, our director of photography and cameraman had come from Survivor. The party begins with Jim and Pam arriving at the condo and Michael and Jan giving them a tour. They are eventually joined by Andy and Angela, plus party-crasher Dwight, who brings along his old babysitter, Melvina, in an attempt to make ex-lover Angela jealous.

Jan is cooking ossobuco, which takes hours to prepare. Tension builds as Michael and Jan are unable to conceal their hatred for each other. Jan accuses Pam of having had a past relationship with Michael, and eventually gets into such a nasty fight with Michael that the police are called in. Dark stuff — but also so funny that the actors often had trouble getting through their scenes. It was insane. We laughed so hard, like, tears were streaming down our faces. Every time they turned on the camera, either [Fischer] or me would just be absolutely in fits of laughter. It probably took the longest of any of the other scenes, because we had to literally take a break and walk away to stop laughing.

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