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Furthermore, the playoff format was expanded from 8 teams to 10 teams, enabling the league to give another post-season game each to CBS and NBC. This was partially due to the league's expansion to 28 teams. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl became a yearly ratings blockbuster, allowing the broadcasting network to generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Four of the ten highest rating television broadcasts of all-time in the U. Since then, the network that televises each Super Bowl is determined by the contracts that the league negotiates with all of its broadcasters. Each network broadcaster generally gets one Super Bowl before any received a second. This process repeats before any network airs a third event, although the TV contracts usually expire by that time. Cable TV became commonplace during the s, and the NFL was eager to exploit that opportunity in Chris Berman helped redefine the pre- and post-game shows when he launched NFL Countdown and NFL Prime Time , and they have since become the top-rated pre- and post-game shows on television.

The cable network's contract to show ESPN Sunday Night Football was one of the turning points in their growth, transforming them from a small cable network to a marketing empire. By , Turner 's TNT network started to broadcast Sunday night games for the first half of the season. One major factor in the increased rights fee was that the league changed the regular season so that all teams would play their game schedule over a week period.

ABC was also given the rights to televise the two Saturday games on the opening weekend of the postseason. This was made possible after the league expanded its playoff format to include more teams. TBS had also broadcast the infamous "strike" games. Ratings and attendance at both games was minimal. Fox was only seven years old and had no sports division, but it began building its own coverage by hiring many former CBS personalities such as Summerall and Madden.

Fox's NFL rights ownership made the network a major player in American television by attracting many new viewers and affiliates and a platform to advertise its other shows.

CBS lost a number of affiliates, primarily in Atlanta , Detroit , and Milwaukee , where it was dropped to lower-powered UHF affiliates unable to be received in some areas. Due to satellite television, the NFL Sunday Ticket in local markets, and rules of the time, satellite subscribers were required to use antennas to pick up local affiliates. CBS was devastated by the loss of over-the-air availability of these stations in the outer reaches of some markets. Since , the situations in Milwaukee and Atlanta have improved due to committed station ownerships and acquisition of high-profile syndicated programming, along with the digital transition equalizing the field into being received via UHF-only, while CBS's Detroit station continues to struggle for relevancy and exists mainly as an automated pass-through for CBS programming, along with shows from the network's syndication arm, CBS Television Distribution.

TNT was able to get a stipulation that the Atlanta Falcons , based in Turner's home of Atlanta, be featured on TNT once a year, regardless of the previous season's record. Meanwhile, NBC's rebound in the overall ratings in both the s and s after years at the bottom of the ratings were partly attributed to its continuing coverage of the NFL.

With television contract re-negotiations in early ushering in the era of multibillion-dollar broadcasting agreements, an era of pro football broadcasting was about to end. CBS, stung by Fox's surprise bid four years earlier, aggressively sought to reacquire some broadcasting rights. NBC, meanwhile, had indicated a desire to bid for Monday Night Football rights in , but gave up when the financial stakes increased sharply.

Thus, after six decades, NBC, the network that had shaped television broadcasts of football, lost its rights, thus marking the beginning of a slow decline for its sports division, culminating in the unproductive —05 primetime season, when NBC carried no major sporting championships during prime time NBC had already lost Major League Baseball broadcasting rights in and National Basketball Association rights in ; they had acquired National Hockey League rights in , but that league's entire —05 season was canceled due to a lockout , and furthermore, it was the least popular of the major leagues at the time.

The other networks also signed eight-year deals in As with previous TV contracts, the coverage of the Super Bowl was divided between the broadcast networks. The event includes a pre-game concert and other televised festivities.

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The first series of these events were held in New York and Washington, D. Since , NBC has televised the Kickoff game see below. Starting in , the NFL began awarding the opening game to the defending Super Bowl champions as the official start of their title defense. The unfurling of the team's Super Bowl championship banner in their stadium has become a centerpiece of the opening ceremonies.

In , the kickoff game between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys aired on Wednesday, September 5, to avoid conflict with the final night of the Democratic National Convention in which incumbent president Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech for the party nomination. Recently, the NFL's TV broadcasters have suffered annual financial losses because advertising revenue is unable to keep up with the rising costs of broadcast rights. Nevertheless, the current broadcast contract, which began in , resulted in a sizable increase in total rights fees.

Both Fox and CBS renewed their Sunday afternoon broadcast packages through , in both cases with modest increases. In addition to the fees, part of this decision may have been the result of a resurgent ABC prime time entertainment schedule during the —05 season, particularly on Sunday evening with Desperate Housewives ; thus ABC would be unable to satisfy the league's reported preference for a Sunday night game on broadcast television as opposed to Monday.

Unlike the broadcast networks, however, ESPN can generate revenue from subscription sales, in addition to traditional commercial breaks ESPN's subscriber fees are the highest of any American cable network, more than four times that of second-place TNT [6]. This new deal included the Super Bowl in and NBC's coverage also includes two preseason games including the annual Hall of Fame Game , the first two Wild Card playoff games of each post-season, and the annual Thursday opening Kickoff Game, similar to ABC's broadcast rights package.

ABC did not have the right to be flexible with their Monday Night Football schedule and picked matchups based on a team's record in the previous season as NBC does , which often led to teams with losing records playing each other on Monday night later in the season. The moves were intended to break NBC out of its ratings slump; however, at one point in the last decade, this did not happen, and although NBC Sunday Night Football had been and continues to be the network's top rated program and in the top 30 for viewing audience, it had not lifted the rest of the schedule.

For a time, NBC had been firmly in fourth place and was losing large sums of money, so much so that the network had to cut an hour of prime time programming from its weeknight schedule in favor of The Jay Leno Show , a somewhat lower budget talk show which lasted five months. The network has since slowly come back to second place in the network ratings. ET with Al Michaels serving as the play-by-play announcer, Cris Collinsworth as color commentator , and Michele Tafoya as the sole sideline reporter.

In addition, for the first three years of the contract, the network that carried the Super Bowl also broadcast the Pro Bowl on the Saturday night following the championship game. The NFL Network was created by the league in and given a separate package of broadcast games. The eight-game package consisted of prime time games which in and began airing from Thanksgiving to the end of the regular season. Five games aired on Thursday nights and three on Saturday nights, the latter beginning Week 15 of the season. Starting in the season the ratio and dates of the games changed: now there are seven Thursday night games beginning in the first week of November and continuing to Week There is only one Saturday night game, airing during Week 15 or 16 usually 16, but when Saturday is Christmas Eve, it airs in week NFL Network will also carry several preseason games.

ESPN increased the purchase price for the eighteen-game package, which will include in the Pro Bowl. The deal with CBS was initially only for the season, with the league having the option to extend it for an additional season. As the eighteen total games involve more time slots than can be accommodated with the fourteen Thursday night time slots excluding the kickoff, Thanksgiving, and the last week of the season when no Thursday game is played , four of the games are played on days other than Thursdays usually this involves at least one game in London in a Sunday morning time slot and the remainder on Saturdays, all NFL Network exclusives , or if Christmas lands on a Monday, either a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day game.

The company initially made these telecasts available only to its own wireless service subscribers , even going so far as to block the networks from providing their own feeds to those devices. Beginning in , at the league's behest, it broadened the availability to all devices of that size and offered them through a newly acquired subsidiary, Yahoo! At the same time, Verizon dropped its prohibition on the networks offering the feeds to small devices.

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Verizon's NFL feeds are limited to Sunday and Monday nights, plus the locally telecast game in the phone's location determined by the phone's GPS locator ; Verizon offers Thursday night games but will only stream those games over a mobile data connection, whereas other games streamed through Verizon can use wi-fi. The Thursday Night Football contract, uniquely among the league's television packages, has a separate digital contract allowing games to be carried freely to all Internet devices since Twitter carried the season before being outbid in by Amazon , who has held the rights since.

For the season it required an Amazon Prime subscription to access the streams; it began offering the streams freely through its gaming-centric streaming service Twitch.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Arnold November 16, Retrieved November 17, Archived from the original PDF on December 18, Retrieved April 18, The Wrap. Retrieved September 9, The New York Post. Specialization should only occur if the child is going to attempt to play professionally. Even with the specialization into a sport there are many different platforms where other sports can still be played at a recreational level.

For example, I am a competitive curler, that is provincially, nationally and internationally ranked, so that is my main focus. But on other platforms like high school and during the off season, there is time to get a change in sports and play volleyball, badminton and baseball. Even in those sports you can play at a competitive level. Its all about time management. As long as those sports are not high risk or something that would jeopardize the future of the sport the athlete specialized in.

I would agree with the accuracy of this article. It brings up the flaws in our youth sporting agencies where the focus seems to be on everyone making the big leagues and pushing athletes to be one dimensional. Most athletes require variation and should play more than one sport in order to enhance other skills and formulate different viewpoints. It ultimately should be up to the athlete, their commitment level and what they enjoy.

No child should be playing a sport they feel forced to play or have no motivation to succeed in. In swimming lessons he was usually the oldest in his class as was his sister in hers. I agree that an all rounded athletic kid is great, but how can they enter into sports where the other kids have had years of experience? Jan, in the case of soccer there should be a recreational league accepting all level of skills and allowing participation regarding the experience level.

Club level is a different thing since there are try outs, but if your son has interest he should be able to play, I do not know why you said that he was too old. He may has less skills than the other kids but he should be able to have fun,learn and improve his game in the process. While I agree that this is the case in many sports, soccer in addition to many other sports is an exception. And the NCAA stats are relatively aligned with his numbers for football. However, not all sports are nearly the opposite.

Football is based on athleticism. It is based on size, strength, agility and speed.

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The primary psychomotor skills are translate-able with other sports. In fact, there are many who play in college who never played the sport until they were in HS. However, soccer is a unique sport. It is also about agility and speed for the most part , but the primary psychomotor skills in soccer are extremely unique. In no other sport are you required to manipulate a ball other than basically kicking it like soccer. The touch required to control a ball takes thousands of hours to develop.

Juan above is absolutely correct. Those numbers tell a very important story. The truth is that we, in the US, are ignorant of the level of commitment required to build elite soccer players. Yes, our women dominate the sport. But our men struggle to even come close to compete on the world stage. Do a search for the top mens soccer players in the world.

Depending on which list you see, we may be lucky to be represented by 1 player, Christian Pulisic. Given the sheer volume of youth players at any given time playing soccer in the US compared to any other nation in the world, and that is a disgrace. I whole-heartedly agree that multi-sport participation needs to be pushed at younger ages. At younger ages, every thing is about deliberate play where young athletes are just focused on playing and having fun. Learning the sport is less important than simply learning fitness, teamwork, and sports in general.

However, at some point, to become an elite athlete in soccer, there must be a commitment to deliberate practice. For some athletes, they can do this as well as other sports. In fact, in 42 states, HS soccer is played in the fall, so many soccer players will run track in the spring and are quite gifted.

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In the other 8 states, cross country is the sport that most soccer players commit too. But most athletes start to specialize earlier in soccer, due to the demands to keep up with their peers developing their technical skills and tactical understanding of the game. You make good points — all of which need to made. And parents need to understand all the facts. But when to specialize is not remotely settled for any sport. Every situation is different. Every athlete is different.

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And as I pointed out, for soccer, specialization according to the NCAA D1 stats is primarily taking place around years of age. A very intelligent response. All sports are different and to compare Soccer and Football is silly to think the development is the same. Think of Soccer as learning a new language. The younger you start and the more time spent practicing the better you get. Overuse injury is more to do with too much competitive game exposure and poor planning. By all means parents have your kids play whatever sports you think is wise but dont think of soccer as a part time sport and expect to play at the top level.

Look at the best nation per capita which is Uruguay and ask Luis Suarez how old he was when he started specializing and which other sports he played when he was a kid. It does make perfect sense that if you want to excel in one sport, that you should try and be good at others.

I do agree with you that youth sports should encourage multi-sport participation. I am from Southamerica where soccer is the king. I am very surprised with the multi sport model of US applied to soccer development. In most of the world kids play soccer since they are 3 years old and are obsessed about it. Those that made it pro, only played soccer since they started walking. How would you explain then that when going at the international level in soccer the multi sport model fails in comparison with the only soccer model.

Gareth Bale did athletics, field hockey, and rugby alongside soccer as a kid. Does he fail at the international level? Several English players were standout cricket players in their youth. Jim, thanks for your reply. I agree with you that soccer players would benefit from playing other sports. You are mentioning specific examples of top soccer players that did other sports and were successful. This article here basically says that most elite athletes were multi-sport athletes.

My point is that it may be true in US, but when you go to the international level and specifically in soccer, that is not the case. In countries like Argentina and Brazil, early specialization in soccer is not new, it was always the norm. If the multi sport model for soccer players development would be successful, US should have more world cups than Brazil.

Yes in soccer there are a few examples of people that played multiple sports but let me tell you it is not common among the top The most talented players in the world generally come from S America and they play nothing else. Soccer development is a frequency thing simple as that. Keep the kids from focusing on soccer and the us will never get anywhere at soccer. I predict the USA women will never win a world cup again.

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Just watch. Juan you are talking about kids living in third world countries where the resources of parents automatically decide the kid is a one sport athlete. All you need is a soccer ball to play. Hell you could play barefoot if you wanted. Hockey is the sport. Maybe baseball?? Parents in North America have financial resources to put their kids in whatever sports they want.

Money is not an issue for many. Actually this is true for gymnastics too. It does not require early specialization, but just attracts younger kids. I know elite gymnasts who started in college and I myself am an elite gymnast who started in high school. Good article. I was a multi-sport athlete in high school. I was also Academic All-State Basketball. It helped me get a full ride to a university.

I played tennis in college. In high school, I had a very driven basketball coach, who actually was my elementary school PE teacher, too. He put a basketball in my hands when I was 5. By the time we were in high school, he expected us to play basketball 10 months a year. By the end of my high school senior year, all but one other senior had quit the team. Although, actually, the summer leagues were fun, because a volunteer coach my dad coached, and everyone got to play. After all that, the high school coach still played who he wanted anyway.

I had fun playing tennis in college. Two of the other girls on my high school basketball team, who went on to play college basketball, HATED college ball. But you become more well-rounded, make more friends, and have a good psychological break. I know of men who have heart attacks on the basketball court from over-exerting themselves when they are older. A lifetime sport is a good mental break from another sport, if the other sport is more serious and strenuous.

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I find lifetime sports to be very social now. At my last job, I joined a mixed doubles league and those other players became good friends. Fitness and friendship! Sounds great. Oh, and I ended up winning awards for playing tennis in college, too. Nice article! In my opinion, it is important that children take part in several sports. Even more importantly, I think that they start early enough. Of course, they first learn sports through the game. Sport is also important for the development of personality. The acquired characteristics can be used in other areas of life.

I completely Agree, Multisport is the way to go at least until high school. Where most of out kids play travel AAU basketball in Summer, but some play soccer or baseball.. Plus Summer camps etc. The issue is they are trying to do Multi-Sport at the same time all year round. So there basically playing 2 sports at the same time all year long. Absolutely pro muliti sports in this house. It also keeps my kids focused and they meet friends and learn accountability towards their team.

These are the reasons I put them in sports. If they become a top athlete that will be amazing. That is why i have always been pro multi activities. Cudos to all the families out there that take every waking minute of downtime they got to run back and forth from sport to sport.

Watching their peers and others helps as well. Sports are natural and the free play is the best. Too much parental coach control ruins much of what sport is about……. Definition of multi-sport and not all coaches on board. There are medals all over the house — soccer, skiing, hockey, baseball, and figure skating. Podium and rep teams all. And, there are still dance classes — hip hop, jazz, and musical theatre. However, being able to swing a bat and maybe hit the ball once in a while and same with every sport one is involved does not make one a multi-sport athlete?

Moreover, coaches of other sports need to recognize true multi-sport athletes and the demands on time required. Some coaches adamantly require the athlete to be, for example, at every practice and game to stay on the rep team. My girls are at a high level at all their sports and at their age. My job is to keep the doors open so that when THEY choose, not me choose or a coach chooses, then my girls are good to go.

Recognizing true multi-sports athletes by definition needs to be made by top sports organizations and filtered down to the bottom so that these athletes could pursue THEIR dreams be in the Olympics as a multi-sport athlete or otherwise. But slowly, as parents like yourself ensure that children have many opportunities and sport governing bodies continue to promote the benefits of multi-sport, the message is spreading. You guessed it. I can tell you that as a spectator my best seat was behind the court watching the elite players going all out.

The blistering foot speed, racket power combined with the soft touch shots such as drops. It takes wizard like uncanny skill to change pace like that and hit the spot every time. Needless to say that these are among the fittest athletes in any sport. They possess virtually limitless stamina, durability, flexibility and mental tenacity. The sheer physical strength and dexterity is hard to define. Anyone that watches each point transition to the next, comes away in disbelief and admiration. This is where the buck stops. It is claimed that two days a week of competitive play can increase your life expectancy by at least two years.

Yes, the quality of life is also enhanced to where you are both physically and mentally more vibrant if you so engage. Go Badminton! Every coach and athlete I talk to really hammers down on training and competitions if you want to be at the top. The sport focuses mostly on the back leg for lunging. With the time constraints placed on student athletes do you have any suggestions in how to incorporate a new sport while maintaining a lifestyle balance and the intensive instruction. Trying to look into books as well if you have any recommendations there.

Thank you for your time. Ben, hi! Have you read my post here? Listen, get your son some good badminton coaching and more importantly some competitive playing time. One of the best ballerinas in the country Misty Copeland apparently did not start studying ballet until age Mariah Carey prior to age 13, and this was likely critical to her early development of rhythm, balance, and coordination i. Have you seen the television ad that she did for Under Armour? Check it out on Youtube. Again, to your point, she completely contradicts and thereby disproves?